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Just In Time For The Holidays

Bellargo Goes "Back To The Future"

Last year, Bellargo was ahead of it's time with our Holiday 16' Capsule release. This was a limited edition collection, which featured a completely new look for the Brand, from luxe shearling to cozy Flannel; technical design, trimmings and notions.

Who would have known that these very same fabrics would be the featured in some of fashion's top trending looks of 2017! So we've decided to go back to the future and re-release these items for our full F/W 2017 Collection.

Let's dive a litter deeper into these trends, shall we:

Key Fabric: Shearling

We’ve lost count the number of times shearling has topped trend lists this seasons. Its continued popularity this autumn/winter is at least in part due to the slow trajectory of men’s fashion trends in general, but a lot to do with the fact that – since re-discovering it for the first time since the late 1970s – we’re seeing it as less a trend, more a winter perennial.

Check out our how we updated our pullover hoodie, winter scarf, and classic flight jacket, with a less sheep-harming faux shearling take  that drove this trend forwards:

Take your pick, but make sure you’ve got one of these in your wardrobe this season.

Shop the full collection today.

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