Welcome To The 90$

When you think of Hip Hop, you can't help but to think of "The 90's". The 90's can be remembered for having some of the most memorable style staples, television shows, and even some of the best music to date.

A era which is often referred to as "the golden age of hip hop", it is noted for its innovation. It was the genre’s formative years and a time when it exhibited so much diversity. During that decade, it seemed that every new single reinvented the genre, according to Rolling Stone. Many of hip hop’s greatest artists were also in their creative peak. The era “witnessed the best recordings from some of the biggest rappers in the genre’s history”, according to AllMusic.

The 90's as a whole were a turning point for rap music. The decade introduced a large array of sub-genres that showed that rap could be more than just block party music, and that it could also have strong messages and themes (much to the chagrin of fans who were used to it just being "fun"). It also saw the growth in rap's popularity outside of New York City, or New Jersey (Like New OrleansAtlantaLos Angeles, Memphis, HoustonClevelandDetroit, and Flint Michigan, MiamiChicago). And the rise of prosperous Hip-Hop record labels, resulting in what is arguably the climax of the Golden Age era. Incidentally, the late 80s/early 90s are also the period where rap started to grow outside of the United States, each country starting to develop its own specificities in its approach of the genre. 

As a brand, Hip Hop is what drives us! So we decided to pay homage to our favorite Hip Hop era with a Limited Edition Release subtly named: Welcome To The 90's. Be sure to also check out our latest 90's inspired Soundcloud mix on: Bellargo Radio

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