About Klarna

Bèllargo has partnered with Klarna, to give our customers the best payment alternatives.


It’s not too good to be true.


About Klarna.

At Klarna, they have a relentless focus on creating the best shopping experience in the world. They believe payments are so much more than just a way to send money. That’s why their smooth payment methods give you more time, control and joy so you can focus on the things you love.


60 million shoppers are using Klarna. A large customer base already seeing the value of paying later, making one million transactions per day.


130,000 retailers are working with us worldwide. From big to small, brands are partnering with Klarna to offer a seamless checkout experience to their shoppers.


They’ve been powering online checkouts for 14 years. Always with a set, specific goal in mind – to create the smoothest shopping experience ever.


Choose one of Klarna's flexible payment options at checkout. Split the purchase into manageable installments or pay for your order up to 30 days later.

  • A new way to pay. An alternative to credit to help ease cost barriers.

  • 4 installments gives you the flexibility to shop without added fees.


Pay in 30 days.

Make your purchase today and start enjoying what you’ve ordered right away. Make payments online or in the Klarna app after having received  your order. No interest or added fees. Ever.

Paying after delivery allows you to try before you buy and is the easiest way to shop online.

  • Complete the payment 30 days after purchase at no added cost.

  • Report returns directly in our app and only pay for the items that you keep.

There is no fee to use Pay later. It’s that easy. When you choose to pay later in 30 days, we may perform a soft credit check. This type of check will not impact your credit score or show up as a hard inquiry on your credit report.

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Interest-free installments.

Spread the cost of your purchase into 4 interest-free installments that are charged from your card every 2 weeks.

Klarna's installment payment is an alternative to traditional credit. This means no credit checks, no impact on your credit score and no interest, meaning you will never pay more than the amount of your purchase! 

At the checkout

Select Klarna, with the option to pay later in 4 interest-free installments and enter your debit or credit card information. It’s as simple as when making any other card purchase.

When the order is shipped

After Klarna confirms that the order is on its way they will charge your card for the first quarter amount. Klarna will send you a notification once the payment has been processed.

Every 2 weeks

Every other week Klarna will automatically charge your card 1/4 until the full order amount has been paid. You will be informed ahead of time.

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